Wild Choreography - Agent Simulation and Surface Modeling

Summer Studio - M.Arch.II at UCLA A.UD IDEAS in 2021 with LA Casey Knudsen, Kyoung Eun Park

The notorious Beverly Hills’ six-way intersection at N Beverly Drive, N Canon Drive, and Lomitas Ave is our wild choreography’s stage. We will study the speed and aerodynamism of various forms of urban transportation, from electric scooters, bikes, cars, and buses, to delivery robots. We will then be able to assess our design through performance and go back and forth between design and testing. This module’s provocation is to shift our understanding of architecture from an organizational logic to one of movement. We will learn to design through metrics and have constant feedback loops of data. We will look into traffic movement to learn how to read patterns in vector flows.

We will be working on a Unity simulation game around the infamous Beverly Hills intersection, where we will introduce your designed modes of transport (3 per team) into the existing transport context and see how they are able to dodge and navigate through the transportation crowd. The goal is to have a smooth circulation of all modes of transportations. This way of thinking is transferable. Instead of transportation we could think about people moving through an open space, or through a building with multiple vertical circulations. But we will look at transportation this summer because it is unfamiliar, and we will have to resort to non-traditional ways of thinking.

Students work by MSAUD  - UCLA A.UD - 2021 - Los Angeles
Yara Feghali / 2024