VR Installation - Narratives in Boundless space  installed in Venic, Italy

Narratives in Boundless Space comprises of a series of dramatic reflections in virtual reality on Venice in the age of digital hyper-consumption of images. It turns its attention to the formation of the human subject in art and architecture. 

SPOILS OF VENICE by Amelia Marek and Song Renais

Spoils of Venice explores the touristic perception of the city by repurposing objects found on Internet through human and automated, machine tagging. The garnered ready-mades serve as replacement or add-ons to the existing, amalgamated urban fabric of Venice, specifically that staged around Piazza San Marco. Spoils of Venice is a latter-day play on spolia, which is the ancient practice of repurposing building stone for new construction or decorative sculpture. Spoils of Venice extends the historical processes of importation and appropriation of distant aesthetic forms with which the city has evolved through the centuries.

SIGHT-SEEING by Soonam Lee and André Zakhia

Sight seeing is an immersive cartographic experience of Venice. The project explores digital ways of mapping this city. Satellite imagery, aerial photography, surveillance drone footage, and GIS data are stitched to produce contemporary representations of Venice. The project is presented with a video and in VR. In VR, the visitor is told tourists' stories while being led through different Venetian datascapes. The short-film looks at Venice based on data collected in Internet.

The installation counts nine projects, produced by students of Architecture and Aesthetic Practice. Within the installation, the projects are presented on physical islands under hovering clouds—both digitally abstracted from the urban fabric of Venice.
SAC was also hosting a conversation in connection to the opening of "Narratives in Boundless Space" with Mike Bouchet, Marco Baravalle, Sanford Kwinter, Isabella Pasqualini on November 12 at the S.A.L.E.-DOCKS in Venice.

VR Installation Narratives in Boundless Space by Johan Bettum, Stefan Wieland, Yara Feghali with Marco Baravalle, Pieter Perbellini in collaboration with Goethe Institute for Performing Architecture -
Acoustic consultancy by Johannes Helberger, Kling Klang Kling, Berlin
Projects by students: Prateek Bajpai, Soubhi Baraghit, Mijail Alexei Franulic Sippa, Haewook Jeong, Suyoung Ko, Soonam Lee, Amelia Marek, Panagis Marketos, Yeon Joo Oh, Jun Eui Song, Chawapol Watcharasukarn, and Andre Zakhia
Venice, Italy 2018

Yara Feghali / 2024