#TalkAboutBeirut - احكي عن بيروت#

#TALKABOUTBEIRUT is an art-awareness project that will be displayed as an online exhibition https://www.studio1-0-6.com/after
A Folly Feast Lab project.

“The inequities of humanity have been evident throughout history. Some may never leave their country in their lifetime, some may never leave their respective cities. Today however, we are able to connect and we are hoping to utilize our platform to the best of our ability, to expose and to reexamine what has been going on around us. This awareness art project is just another example of giving individuals the opportunity to lead the narrative on what a city looks like- particularly in the aftermath of such a devastating event such as the explosion in the middle of a pandemic. For those of you that didn’t know, Beirut is one of worlds most beautiful and architecturally interesting cities.” - @STUDIO1-0-6LA

Project as part of group exhibition for Studio 1-0-6 - Los Angeles. 
Folly Feast Lab was a featured artist and curator.
Yara Feghali / 2024