Supercollider LA - SciArt Ambassador 

Part of Supercollider 2023 Los Angeles based artists

SUPERCOLLIDER creates immersive science+art experiences—including curated satellites for pop-ups, festivals, and research institutes—that vividly reclaim our future and explode our present.

The SciArt Ambassador Fellowship is an annual community building and professional development program for women, trans, and non-binary individuals in the LA area who are committed to their creative research, and excited about building a community around art-sci-tech. Stay tuned to see what is to come this year.

SciArt 2023: Berfin Ataman, Alice Bucknell, Jamison Edgar, Behnaz Farahi, Yara Feghali, Kate Parsons, Sara Suárez, Shuruq Tramontini, and Kira Xonorika

Yara Feghali / 2024