New Media Architecture(s): A Specultaive Vision of Change in the Arts, Design, & Science - 2022-23

Presenting: The Collaborative XR Design Lab
We simultaneously occupy a multitude of virtual worlds whether through our social media profiles, online games, discussion forums, or extended reality avatars. We have entered since 2020 in a new digital era with internet technology, we are now in Web 3.0 or the Spatial Web where interfaces, computation, and data have drastically changed. Far from the antiquated concept of physical/virtual binary we now live in a technocultural society that encourages cyberfeminist pluralism, and indefiniteness. With The Collaborative XR Design Lab investigates the future of spatial web and immersive social spaces. The Lab is divided into four users, the Traders design the Marina and the Bazaar, the Explorers design the beaches and cultural spaces, the Dwellers design housing and parks for their dogs, the Farmers design land, and algae farms. We model each user’s avatars, buildings, infrastructure, asset packs, and mood boards through extensive research.

Yara Feghali / 2024