Reality + - 2022

Interaction, Virtual Reality, and Spatial Web

SCI-Arc VS 2741 01 - Fall 2022

Reality + investigates the potential of virtual worlds within architectural spatial research.

Let’s dive into the exciting universe of the spatial web! We navigate the agitated waters of online collaborative spaces by looking at existing platforms like Decentraland, Monaverse, and Sansar. We learned about the core structure of Web 3.0 and understanding virtual worlds through the lens of Angela Washko, McKenzie Wark, David Chalmers, Alexander Galloway, and Joe Hunting’s We met in VR.

As of September 2022, there are more than 500 companies that are building the metaverse, 300 more than September last year. During the pandemic virtual living, gaming, socializing, and trading has exploded, and McKinsey estimated the metaverse at a $5 trillion market value by 2030. Architecture is a field of spatial design, and it is time to jump into the design of online virtual spaces.

These online collaborative social spaces are modeled after iconic movie sets from production designers Hannah Beachler, Alex McDowell, Adam Stockhausen, and Nathan Crowley.

These metaverses are minted on Monaverse.

Check them out here
Reality + Lobby
The Tale of Hanna Hall
Zeitgeist Dispatch
Hanna Pink pool in the forest
Chauncy's Living Room's-living-room?invite=TVRjM01EZzBOdzphc2lh
Jenny’s Holiday Party's-budapest-hotel-lobby?invite=TlRnd056UTVOQTphc2lh
Dream Alley's-backyard?invite=TmpjNE9UUTJNQTphc2lh
Somewhere nowhere
Charlie & Chocolate Factory
Chloe Black Panther Street
Anna's Spa's-spa?invite=TkRrNE5qZzJNUTphc2lh
Dream Office

Students work by SCI-Arc VS 2741 01 - Fall 2022 Students: Albarrak Salih, Chakhal-Salakhova Anna, Cheng Wei-Chun Jimmy, Cook Jenny, Huang Chenxi Chauncy, Leon Kimberly, Lin Sijie Chloe, Nyby Hanna Lovise, Park Hanna, Smirova Anastasia, Zhang Xinyu Dawson.
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