Monumental Wastelands - 2022

Immersive video wall - A reconstruction of urban memories into a new streetscape

“Monumental Wastelands Magazine'' is a bi-annual independent publication for the research and investigation of contemporary spatial practices and its contingencies, materialized as a bi-lingual (English/Spanish) augmented magazine, with written and visual contributions from a diverse group of authors in various fields with different backgrounds. Additionally, each of the articles has an original augmented contribution, which can be accessed via the AR App.

Monumental Wastelands Magazine
Directors of the Publication and Editors in Chief: Déborah López Lobato and Hadin Charbel.

Advisory Board: Albert Brenchat-Aguilar, Patrick Donbeck, Michal Jurgielewicz.
Translation: Jaqueline Fantini
Graphic Design:
Monumental Wastelands Magazine is published in Spain.
Project sponsored by Ayudas Injuve para la Creación Joven 2020.

Publication and AR augmented application - - Spain. 
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