Leckendes Zeug

Design Studio - Postgraduate Master Students at SAC

Architecture is leaky. Architectural representation has constantly been haunted by leakages. They happen when a realm of representation slips into another realm, such as when the physical drips into digital space. These leaks transgress the binary between these spaces. Exciting examples are found during the Bavarian Rococo, where stucco and fresco merged ambiguously into lively interiors. The 18th century believer visiting the church couldn’t dissociate between two and three-dimensional shapes. This ambiguity threatened them, because the divine entered into the profane blurring the clear distinction that existed between these two. Equivalent dynamics are presented today by the physical dripping into digital space. The design studio is immersed in this exuberant aesthetics of transgression. We explore the leakiness of architectural imagery. The drippiness of the architectural representation. Architectural stuff bleeding, dripping, and leaking into the digital.

Students compose new aesthetics with the use of advanced contemporary technologies. They design spaces using sculpting and animation software. They also acquire compositing and editing techniques. They have made cinemagraphs and 360 degrees’ environments. These spaces are visualized through a personal virtual reality application developed by the instructors, and written specifically for this studio. The viewer will be fully immersed in the designed environments.

Students work by Ainsley Johnston, Jennifer Yu, Luiseny Ramirez, Moritz Brueggemann, Ozge Yaktubay, and Suhandhan Ravee - SAC, 2019 - Frankfurt
Yara Feghali / 2024