Other Wilds

IDEAS Summer studio exhibition - UCLA A.UD - 2021

The Other Wilds Summer Studio exhibition will congregate around the topic of wilderness. Through a series of design exercises, we speculated on and experimented with Earth’s wild environments, technology’s wild algorithms, and fiction’s wild futures. Other Wilds is built on a thematic collaboration between all four of the UCLA A.UD IDEAS studios, and gives a taste of the workflows and concepts we cover as a collective. Common to all the studios is a focus on technological innovation and future speculation, as we all search for the urgent agendas and new media at the edge of architectural practice.

Over the summer, we worked on three mini-projects that will expose you to software and workflows used by the IDEAS studios around technological interaction, simulation, and representation:

Yara Feghali: Wild Choreography - Agent Simulation and Surface Modeling
Yara Feghali: Virtual Herbaria  - Augmented Reality and Game Engine
Nathan Su: Hyper-Human Wilds - Speculation and Representation

IDEAS Summer studio exhibition - UCLA A.UD - 2021
Yara Feghali / 2024