Every.Thing.Changes 2020 by LA Forum

LA Forum exhibition Every.Thing.Changes 2020 - Contributor

Los Angeles, California. Life in the 20s.

What is the disposition of L.A. in 2020? What are the city's secrets, its challenges, its potentials? What is L.A.’s tone, meaning, importance in 2020, and what are we to see/feel/be/find here at the end of this decade, in 2030? How might we re-envision L.A. before then? Do we think in utopias or data sets? With feelings or with factors? Do we vision big or on a deeply personal level? What is the most consequential, momentous issue in L.A. today: Public Health? Racism? Housing? Quality of life? Is it one thing or a cacophony of sounds, voices, images, temperatures, colors, ideas and future, far-off L.A.s? Are the most weighty of these also, possibly, the most inspiring? A broader understanding of our shared values? A thriving community of subcultures unique to the region and its inhabitants? A right to equality, a private life, to secrets, to the unknown? A right to create and be heard, to speculate and to provoke?

The summer exhibition “Every. Thing. Changes.” by the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design presents 20 new works documenting the collective views of life in Los Angeles in its new decade, by a select group of local emerging designers and thinkers.

The newly commissioned texts and visual works exhibited in “Every. Thing. Changes.” were developed over the course of spring 2020, and are the outcomes of a “call and response” process between five initial L.A.-based writers, their texts, and the visual responses of five L.A.-based collaborators (of the allied design disciplines: architecture, landscape architecture, urban design). The 10 writers/designers then chose one additional collaborator each to bring into the process, for a total of 20 new visual and text-based works.

Curator: Wendy Gilmartin
Assistant: Curator Nina Briggs
Graphic Design: Still Room / Jessica Fleischmann, Jenny Haru Kim
Exhibition Design: Tim Durfee Exhibition
Photography: Aaron Farley
Exhibition Team: Ismaelly Pena Michelle Frier Maria Esnaola Aaron Vaden-Youmans


Text in orange box by Terry Wolverton

Project as part of group exhibition for LA Forum - Every.Thing.Changes 2020 - Los Angeles.
Yara Feghali / 2024