Curious Brood

Visual Study - Postgraduate Master Students at SAC

This workshop is an investigation of physical bodily movement and gestures involved in designing. The figures are produced by a physical articulation of students bodies in space while sculpting in VR. We are interested in the tangible relation between ‘physical’ and ‘digital’ space that is present in the immersive medium of VR. The resulting short clips are meant to be seen as objects with qualities, we will discuss posture, intensity, colors, materials, texture, character, and moods.

Curious Brood takes a positivist attitude towards VR seeking to find its relevance outside of its usual use. VR for now is mainly used as a tool to visualize content or to sell a project to clients. We want to see if there are hidden potentials in this medium for modeling, and mostly for gaining intimacy between the designer and the designed figure. It is not a romanticized take on the tradition of sculpting, but a contemporary understanding of an unworldly presence of a friendly otherness with which new relations of intimacy will arise.

Students will be able to sculpt, paint, remove, texturize, scale in immersive virtual space, they will then export to Zbrush, to then edit and animate. They can either record their scene in VR, or in post-production using animating and editing software. The resulting whole is made of wonky, lumpy, puffy parts.

CHUBBY by Chihan Feng, Rami Al-Rashidani, Yin Tse Tseng, Shivani Twade, and Jennifer Yu

FUNNY by Prapatsorn Sukkaset, Palak Arora, Raj Tambade, Hamit Turk, and Ozge Yaktubay

TOXIC by Ainsley Johnston, Luiseny Ramirez, Paramida Razavi, Moritz Brueggemann, and Saakib Sait

Students work by Postgraduate Master students - SAC, 2018 - Frankfurt
Yara Feghali / 2024