A Kiss

Collaborative design - Exhibition pavillion designed in collaboration with artist Iulia Nistor 

Based on a collaboration with artist Iulia Nistor from the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, the exhibition explores the complementarity of specific interests and skills to design and develop an own understanding of the notion of what an exhibition module could be.

This project is conceived as a holistic work, in which the border of art and architecture either fades away or is renegotiated in the process of collaborating. The exhibited works are an opportunity to rethink the relation between art and architecture, to validate their interdependence, to pay a tribute to the interaction of both fields - short - to see both spheres being tangent towards one another. The relationship between art and architecture, that has sometimes been discussed as a rivalry, is here reviewed in a fully complementary and integrative sense.

In collaboration with the artist Iulia Nistor, and curated by Bernard Vienat - Frankfurt, 2016
Yara Feghali / 2024