One object at a time

A+D Museum - One object at a time - Curated by Ebrahim Poustinchi - VR experience - 2021

We live in strange days and nights where the meaning and the philosophy of physicality, digitality, presence, and absence are vaguer than ever. Today— whether we accept it or not, it is clear that our lives are hybridized, and heterogeneous. Concrete definitions are surrendering their rigid borders to blurry seams. Meanings are evolving, and growing out of their boundaries and boxes, technology becomes increasingly ubiquitous, yet its presence becomes more and more transparent and invisible; It becomes more absent!
In hazy setups as such, although “things” are not present as they “suppose” to be, there are always magical moments when “things” are morphing and blending into new “things.”
Similarly, space, scale, and architecture as one of the core mediums for spatial experience, have been operating differently. Through Zoom calls, our living room—architectural space, turns into a studio, social bar, family room, stadium, concert, or even conference venues—each as another architectural space. These examples are—or at a minimum can be, provocations to question "space," "scale," and "architecture" in relation to virtuality, presence, and absence.
A+D, One Object at a Time tries to take advantage of this haziness to propose another clarity. The show is based on a collection of digital objects by participants; objects with a variety of characteristics, articulations, and digital materiality; Inhabitable or uninhabitable, shelled or solid. However, the scale/orientation/multiplication of these objects remains vague, and open to curators' reinterpretation. The objects come together, one at a time, digitally curated, scaled, positioned, and reimagined as "part" of a bigger "whole."

The exhibition space is no longer a platform to showcase the objects; In this instance, the collection of objects becomes a medium to produce an experienceable exhibition space. Via an online VR platform, the objects serve both as the exhibition—space, and the exhibited, simultaneously.

A+D Museum - One object at a time - Curated by Ebrahim Poustinchy - VR experience - 2021
Yara Feghali / 2024