2D Play ~ The unfolded section

Platformer, Ludology, and Graphic Identity

UCLA - Architecture and Urban Design - MArch & MSAUD - Spring 2023

To be an architectural designer today is to design with software. This technology seminar aims at critically addressing our relationship with and towards software. We will work together with our software to design a 2D platform game. Horizontal endless scrolling game where the player jumps and runs across the screen. By designing games, we relate to software through play. We exchange agency with the software and design with shared authorship. We want to be in a playful relationship with the software we use as it is the only way to ‘world travel’ as Maria Lugones puts it.

Check out the Monaverse space here:  https://monaverse.com/spaces/2d-play-~-the-unfolded-section?invite=T1RRd01ERTFNZzp1cy8q

You can download our apps here:

apple: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/2d-play/id6449720488

android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.UCLA_AUD_Yara_Feghali.Play_2D

Students work by UCLA - Architecture and Urban Design - MArch & MSAUD - Spring 2023 2D Play ~ The unfolded section is a Spring 2023 graduate-level design technology seminar led by Yara Feghali at UCLA's Department of Architecture and Urban Design (UCLA AUD), part of the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture (UCLA Arts). This seminar participants are third-year Master of Architecture candidates at UCLA AUD and MSAUD: Kathy Bi, Alessandro Bressan, Neelam Deshpande, Zhiyang Raymond Guo, Dylan Hart, Xueqi Jerry He, Gabriiela Jarboe, Jenny Lee, Lufeng Long, Zhongqian Ishmael Luo, Clytie Mak, Charles Pearson, Tien Pham, Sunny Shah, Bo Su, Ankita Thukral, Yuzhou Wang, Yuting Wang, Zirui Enoch Wang, Li Wanying, Yudong Yan, Frank Yang, Xuanhe Xander Zhang, Yunlong Cloud Zhao, Xiaoyu Zhao. Unity Game Development by Folly Feast Lab.
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