Inside architecture 412

UCLA - Architecture and Urban Design - M.Arch 1st year - 2022

The 412 Building Design Studio focuses on the relation of structure to architectural design and examines different techniques of expression and form finding through its development. Basic principles of structural design are introduced in the context of a building design that includes elementary programming. Each student’s proposal should evidence clear coordination of these requirements developed with reasonable, if newfound expertise. The influence of structure upon architectural design is the primary concern. Physical variables central to structural design such as depth vis-à-vis span, torsion, spacing, repetition, and rhythm are emphasized toward a conscientious expression of both the physical and aesthetic role of structure on form. The studio invites students to develop a design that stages and argues for a focused relationship between structure and order. By the end of the term each project will have contended with the following “fill in the blank”: Structure ____________ order. Order ___________ structure.

By Enoch Wang

By Shan Tang

By John Wang

Students work by UCLA - Architecture and Urban Design - M.Arch 1st year - 2022
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